ChiChi Emeson

headshot-chichiChiChi Dike Emeson is the CEO/Founder of MNIA, Inc. She oversees the program implementation and development for the organization. She is also the Executive Producer and Director of the Miss Nigeria in American Pageant, a program within MNIA, Inc. that seeks to promote women empowerment and education.

A second generation entrepreneur, ChiChi also formed Danick Productions, an entertainment outfit that creates and produces films/events that promote women issues.

Born in Washington DC, ChiChi is a staunch advocate for Women’s Education. A business graduate from Howard University and armed with 2 Masters degrees; an MBA in Management and an MPA in Non Profit Management, ChiChi lends her voice to causes that help people better their lives and seek self-sustenance. She believes that by “educating at least one woman, she will in turn educate two more and through that process build a strong force of educated women who will fight for change.” A strong proponent for change, she continues to speak out against the maltreatment and marginalization of women in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

ChiChi’s dedication to volunteerism is equally laudable, through her non-profit outfit, MNIA, Inc. she formed the MNIA Feed the Homeless Team who lend their culinary skills to People Assisting the Homeless [PATH], a homeless shelter in Los Angeles. Since 2007, they have collectively cooked, served and fed over 1000 homeless men, women and children.

She has also led toy drives, bringing joy to sick children, the most notable being the Texas Children’s hospital in 2007 and most recently for the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. Combined, they have raised over $2,000 worth of toys and continue to have toy drives every Christmas. A member of several fashion and entertainment associations and an avid supporter of other charitable organizations; ChiChi continues to dedicate her life to fighting for justice for women, creating awareness on health issues and fighting for peace and quality of life in Nigeria. Through her projects (Project Women’s Education (WE), Project Blue, and Project Raise Hope), she is personally committed to empowering women, to help them battle self-esteem issues, realize their potentials and take charge of their lives.

ChiChi is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis in Non-Profit Management and lectures part-time at the University of Phoenix.  She is married and enjoys raising her son.