Adebola McKinley – Miss Enugu

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Adebola McKinley was born in Lagos Nigeria. The third of four children, she is also the ‘white ‘sheep of the family. With a Muslim father and a Christian mother, Adebola is appreciative of both religions even though she made a conscious decision to become a devout Christian.
She attended elementary and high schools in Nigeria. She moved to the UK to study nursing and during a visit to the United States, she decided this was home. Adebola started a nursing program and at a some point in her career, she decided nursing wasn’t for her and instead decided to pursue a career in Addiction Counseling at the North Hennepin Community College and St Catherine University Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is very outgoing, friendly, fashionable and finds relaxation in music. Adebola is a strong advocate of violence against women and alcohol and drugs substance abuse among the youth. Her passion to reduce the number of youths on drugs and alcohol led her to join a bi-monthly volunteer program at the Hennepin County Jail and high schools in the Brooklyn Park School district. She has an alter ego which manifests itself in the high-end of fashion and she often finds herself helping her friends pick outfits for special occasions. Adebola hopes to start a foundation in the future that would not only create awareness on the consequences of drug and alcohol abuse, but one that would also help eradicate it.


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