Darline Ekpo- Miss Anambra 2015




From the great state of Akwa Ibom, Darline Asuquo Obot Ekpo was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Born on the 4th of March 1995, Darline is very passionate about Nigerian healthcare reform, orphanage system and culture as a whole. “My parents struggled to come to America to ensure a better life for my siblings and me, it’s only right that I repay that debt by helping Nigeria to flourish so that people do not have to migrate for greater opportunities.” She lives with her four siblings because parents are both deceased and they all work together to support one another. Her passions include music, dancing, volunteering and reading. She feels that music is the key to everyone’s soul because it is a form of expression that is simultaneously individualized and unified. If she is not working, she loves to direct her time and energy into her family and friends.

She is also very big on giving back to the community. She loves volunteering at elementary and middle schools, acting as a teacher’s aide, to help students with various subjects in summer school. Her extracurricular activities also centers around Habitat for Humanity, where she assists in building of houses for the less fortunate. Her life experiences especially with the tragedy of her parents has taught her volumes about living life as a woman, including empowering and uplifting everyone around her because everyone has potential for greatness, which is why she works incessantly with others to support them in whatever dreams and goals that they may have for themselves.

Darline currently attends the University of Houston-Main campus, to attain a dual degree in Nursing and Psychology with a minor in Sociology. She will then move forward to the dual Master’s Nursing and Social Work program. She currently works as a nurse caregiver at Brookdale Personalized Living, where she works tirelessly with the elderly to ensure that they are at their maximum comfort level and satisfaction. Her future goals is to ultimately receive her Doctorate’s degree in Nursing, specializing in Anesthesia. She wants to use education as an outlet for her to be able to utilize the knowledge that she grasps to enhance Nigeria.

Becoming Miss Nigeria in America will be an awesome way to gain awareness about the present healthcare system in Nigeria and give an outlet for the youth all across the world to be able to contribute to providing assistance to the less fortunate.





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