Honour Olulu – Miss Imo






Hello! My name is Honour Olulu. I am from K-dere, Ogoni located in Rivers State, Nigeria. At the tender age of four my family and I left ogoni for a refugee camp in Benin Republic because of a massacre against the Ogoni people over oil. The Ogoni people had a fearless leader who was willing to fight for his people at any means. The Ogoni people peacefully protested against the oil company Shell and Nigerian government against the injustice. Things erupted when our leader   Ken Saro-wiwa along with nine others were hung and killed. While in the refugee camp we were sponsored by  Americans and my family was able to leave Nigeria during that painful and dangerous time. I was terrified of leaving my home but I was very hopeful of the things to come.

I was seven years old when I came to America. Life in America was easy at first. I was lucky to be with both my parents and my two older brothers. Some people had to be separated. But as life moved on things got tougher.

At the age of 12 my parents separated and my mom became a single parent taking care of myself and my two older brothers. Motivated by my mom’s courage, strength, and faith I swore to myself that I would make her proud.

On the journey to making mommy proud  I joined track and field and soccer in middle school. I won first place in 4×100 race, long jump, and shot put. My soccer team won in our division and went on to the finals. I fell in love with sports while maintaining straight A’s.

High school was no different. I continued playing soccer throughout and even tried out for the basketball team. Even though I liked basketball, soccer was my first love and I decided to focus on it. I participated in clubs such as Women of Distinction, the debate club, and some friends and I even co-founded our own club known as Future Young Leaders. I also worked very hard to be on the A/B honor roll all four years. I graduated high school in 2010 with a GPA of 3.7 and Hope Scholarship.

After graduating I started college in 2011 at Georgia Perimeter College for business management . It wasn’t at all what I wanted to do and I began to lose focus. I felt so lost and I became very unhappy. I wanted to do something I loved, something I had interest in,and something I could use to help others. My mom asked me to take time off to refocus. She then asked if I wanted to attend a one year private school to get a certificate as a certified nursing assistant (CNA). Although I respect the profession, it still was not what I wanted but I decided to go and checkout the school and see what else they had to offer. As I took a tour around the school I noticed a bulletin board that stated in big bold letters “become a personal trainer.” I was automatically interested and I enrolled that very day in the personal training program. It was a one year program taught by two celebrity fitness professionals. The moment I started classes I knew I made the right decision. Something in my spirit told me “this is it.” Through the program I was able to meet really amazing people, travel to Las Vegas to participate in fitness boot camps and get personal advice from fitness professionals from all over. At the end of the program I took the National Strength and Conditioning (NSCA) test graduating with 3.7 GPA and later becoming a certified fitness professional.

Currently I am using the gift that God has blessed me with to help others. I volunteer my time every Tuesday to hosting a free community boot camp helping people to put their health first and educating them on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. I help people lower their chance of getting health issues. I help people lower their chances of sports injuries, I help people feel good about themselves and it makes me feel like the happiest person in the world. I am now back at Georgia Perimeter College working towards my bachelors in kinesiology and health sciences. in And in time, by the grace of God will finish with my doctorate in physical therapy